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April 02, 2011


Victor Fernando Magan

Awesome! I didn't know that about Elder Wilson. There are probably scores of progressive announcements like that from numerous Conference Presidents and other church officials, who are simply not publicized. He certainly understood the practical implications of Christ's teachings for this world, even as we prepare for the next. He was certainly not so 'heavenly minded' as to be no earthly good.

Patrick Jones

Neil Wilson supported the registered SDA church in the USSR, which sent their young men into the armed forces, while he ignored the True and Faithful underground SDA who refrained from participation in the armed forces. The head of the registered SDA church [Kulakov] was found to be a KGB agent and had to flee to America after the fall of the USSR. Wilson allowed Soviet propaganda to be published in SDA periodicals and American newspapers stating that there was perfect religious liberty in the USSR. He was a great politician and strove for

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