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August 28, 2010


Chris Blake

What a brilliantly incisive and courageous statement. Would that President Obama, another recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, follow King's premise and send to Afghanistan not 100,000 soldiers but 50,000 peacemaking humanitarians. If 40 of them got killed, the world would be outraged and the Afghan people would turn as one against the Taliban.

On Face the Nation one week ago (Aug. 22, 2010), Greg Mortenson was featured for 6:52 minutes. He spoke of the continuing need for education in Afghanistan, which recently requested $246 million for education funding. It appears the country--which has been at war for 36 years or so--might receive $50 million of their request.

Mortenson commented that perhaps the United States could afford to honor Afghanistan's request by withdrawing 246 soldiers--as "the U.S. spends $1 million per soldier, per day, for the war in Iraq and Afghanistan."

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