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April 25, 2008


Jeff Crocombe

Thanks for the insight into this passage which I have utilized in class. Most excellent.


Monte Sahlin

Has anyone looked at the documentary anticedents to this Ellen White passage? In general, the material published in the Testimonies had been written earlier in the form of letters and other documents that did not have as wide circulation or the permanence afforded by the being published in what were originally series of pamphlets. It is likely that Ellen White wrote this before 1859. If so, that would certainly knock down the Bull and Lockhart framing of the passage.

Doug Morgan

You raise an important issue. The document was part of Testimony 5, dated 1859, but unlike some of the other items gathered in the Testimonies volumes, no specific date or addressee is indicated. Arthur White, in discussing Ellen White's vision about the Civil War in August 1861, states that "months earlier she had written: 'The law of our land requiring us to deliver a slave to his master....'" (vol 2 of his biography, p. 264). This seems odd since "months" prior to August 1861 implies earlier that year, or late 1860. So, this doesn't resolve much, and that is as far as I have been able to get in tracing the origin of this bit of "counsel." Hopefully someone can shed more light on this.

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